• We’re STILL Here – So…

    Congratulations  Leonardo Di Caprio.

    leonardo-dicaprio-wolf-of-wall-street-1It has been over 10 years since the release of An Inconvenient Truthand you have succeeded in scaring the world into changing its habits. Wasting millions of dollars that could have been spent on Disease Research or even Interstellar travel.

    Just because one man tells you something – do you believe him? What if he tells you to jump off a bridge, do you jump?



    What if he tells you to take your trash, and just tip it all over your living room? Just dive on in, like Luke and Leia in the trash compactor, and start ‘sorting’ it. Get all your rubbish in neat little piles and then start putting it into colour coded boxes – all so men can pick it up and throw it all into one pile again.

    Sounds pretty stupid, right? Well, if you recycle then this is essentially what you’re doing. Instead of telling Leonardo Di Caprio to shut up – like we all should have done – you started panicking and thinking about your children and ‘your children’s children’, even though you’ll probably never meet them because you haven’t seen your kids in 3 years and you’ve forgotten where they live.

    Sad Dad

    Regardless of these facts – you panicked. Gripped with a sudden intense fear, mixed with an overwhelming feeling of smug superiority, you started to collect, sort – ‘recycle’ – just so you could sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that, by performing these ritualistic actions, you were absolutely and unequivocally, a ‘good person’.

    But, it wasn’t enough.

    Leo wanted more. Not content with forcing the planet into his bizarre cult of ‘living green’ he demanded, what many considered to be, the impossible.

    In September 2015, Di Caprio executive produced a new cut of leftist propaganda ‘documentary’ Cowspiracy. This amateurish ‘film’, cobbled together from a movie made by a typical Californian surfer dude, broke every rule of decent documentary movie making. The subject and documentary were endlessly confused, interview were conducted with reckless abandon and the director was clearly biased.

    Nevertheless it sparked yet another cultural revolution, suddenly teems of vegans and vegetarians started emerging – loudly espousing their new found obsession and infecting hopelessly weak-minded individuals with their social disease. For there is nothing more that people enjoy than informing other as to what makes themunique, what makes themdifferent.

    kipSo what makes one person ‘unique’ and ‘special’ is spread to others, who want to feel blessed with that same feeling. On and on, the microbes are spread until more and more helplessly sad souls are exalted by the sensation of being high, high on a horse and untouchable by those below them.

    Have we learned anything at all, between then and now? Between An Inconvenient Truth and Cowspiracy?

    We should have.

    We should have learned that we can’t believe everything that Leonardo Di Caprio tells us.

    We are still here.

    The Earth is not dying.

    But, our social intelligence is.

  • Kitchens. Carcasses. Blame.

    Some people sometimes ask me if I ever have any doubt about the things I believe about the environment and the scientific theory of climate change. Do I ever think: ‘Really? All these scientists are in of some sort of conspiracy?’ but that is not what I believe. It is not a conspiracy. It is a consensus, and if we look through history we can see how consensus can maintain itself whether what the consensus is around is true or not. Consensus has the power to become a platform for power to grow. Power grows on consensuses, the breaking of a consensus always means destabilising power. Also, all communities (including the scientific community) have a hierarchy of authority, status and respectability. To climb that hierarchy you have to endear yourself, and show yourself as useful to, those with the power. Hence forth, to move forward you have to agree with the consensus.


    When I set about building a new kitchen (that’s my job now) I try and make sure that all my practices, all the ways I’ve been doing things, are still relevant and well proven to help in what I’m doing. Yeah, I’ve always used kitchen carcasses as the prefabs for all my cupboards before but whose to say that’s till the best choice? Because I work alone, and don’t need to maintain the approval of others, I can make my own choice on that (they seem, by the way, to still very much be the best).


    Everything should be in doubt.

  • Idiots Water Idiots…

    So apparently we’re running out of water now. That’s right, water. That’s how low they have stooped, they have stooped that low, so low, so, so low. Because, yeah we’re running out of water. Us little people living on islands IN THE SEA. Yeah! Is that making sense? I don’t bloody think so. I DON’T BLOODY THINK SO! I mean, look:


    Yeah, there is quite a lot of water around you bloody idiots. They are just after what everyone else is after: a vocation! Some money! A life! But they choose to pursue these things, which are perfectly noble and fair, by creating myths and using those myths to limit the freedom of others to pursue exactly these things. That, my friends, is evil. Simply cruel and careless. They don’t care about you, not one bit, not for a second. They care about their career as bloody activists. That is all these activists are really, careerists, they are cold blooded and they are out for themselves. Bastards.


    Yes, that’s pretty spot on. So should I not buy my new Paramount one piece swimming pool? Should I not have the pool of my dreams and go for a long happy swim when I finish working my honest job? Just because some jealous joyless hapless activists aren’t happy about my happiness? Well I don’t bloody care not do I bloody no! And that’s an important life lesson you know: Don’t you give in to no one, no one you understand? You don’t need them and they sure as hell don’t care about you they just want to control you that is all the whole thing is about: Control, control, control! Well I for one will not be controlled by these wimps, these soggy fools, soggy wasting fools, boring, dull, boring, boring, boring! So bloody boring! Eugh! I want to be on the fun side of life. In my swimming pool drinking a cocktail on a floating mattress. If I compete and get their fair and square then I deserve it.

  • Green Industry

    You always hear about how climate skepticism is just a product of the economic interests of the huge industries that produce or rely on oil and other Co2 emission creating processes. Well, that’s all very well and good, but we now find ourselves with the huge and growing matter of the ‘Green Industries’ that’s right, green industries:

    From the UN (that’s right, that global unelected government): “In the last few years, keeping with its mandate, UNIDO coined the concept Green Industry to place sustainable industrial development in the context of new global sustainable development challenges.

    Green Industry means economies striving for a more sustainable pathway of growth, by undertaking green public investments and implementing public policy initiatives that encourage environmentally responsible private investments.

    Greening of Industry is a method to attain sustainable economic growth and promote sustainable economies. It includes policymaking, improved industrial production processes and resource-efficient productivity.

    Our Green Industry Initiative creates awareness, knowledge and capacities. We work with governments to support industrial institutions that in turn provide assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs in all aspects relating to the greening of industry. Following is a brief overview of the sectors within which we work.”


    Green Industries. They’re everywhere, and these climate change touting governments support them with millions of tax payers dollars at the encouragement of scientists who are all signed up to the doctrine. Millions to fund things as disparate as wood pellet bio fuel (http://www.liverpoolwoodpellets.co.ukto building the earth some sort of sunglasses! (http://www.livescience.com/3880-space-ring-shade-earth-stop-global-warming.html). These are all industries, all big businesses ad organisations that rely on a scientific consensus and support that consensus politically, economically and in the media.

    Those are some ‘armies of darkness’!


    Ok guys… look: saying that 98% of climate scientists agree that human activity and Co2 emissions are the cause of global climate change is like saying that 98% of Hawthorn fans thing Hawthorn are the best team in the AFL. Of course they do, its part of the definition of being a Hawthorn fan, and part of the definition of being a climate scientists. It is like saying ‘98% of One Direction fan club members thing One Direction are amazing’. It is like saying ‘98% of football players think football is the best sport’. It is like saying ‘98% of vegetarians think being a vegetarian is better than not being a vegetarian’. Yeah! Of course they do! That’s why they’re vegetarians! That’s why they’re Hawthorn fans! That’s why they’re One Direction fans! That’s why they’re football players and that’s why they’re vegetarians. Climate scientists are climate change believers, that’s part of their job and part of their life. It’s part of the definition of who they are, it’s a tautology. To be a climate realist (or as they call it, a climate change ‘skeptic’) is to be an outsider. They get to define who is and isn’t an authority on this subject, and they choose this based on who agrees with their central premise: that climate change is caused by human activity and Co2. Agree: expert. Disagree: pariah. This means that Leonardo DiCaprio is the ‘UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change’ just because he really, really agrees with the central premise. He is not a scientists, he is not an expert, he is not an anything. He is an actor who has made the decision that he wants a cause to feel good about himself and get worshipped a little more than he already is. So he pops along to the offices of the elites and they give him a cause to look like he’s an authority on. And he’s good at it, he really looks like he cares, and he really looks like he knows what he’s talking about. Maybe he is an expert, but maybe he’s good at looking like he knows what he is talking about. You know… like… maybe he’s acting… like an actor does.